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Tsabadze str. Tbilisi

Rehabilitation works on the territory Saarbrucken square, Tsabadze str. #1;3;5;7;9;11; Tsinamdzgvrishvili str. #200; Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave. #18; 176 and 180 
Construction works was performed  by Ltd “IN-SI”
Name of Employer: Tbilisi Development Fund
7  houses have been fully recon¬structed. Roofs were replaced, the foundations were strengthened and facades were restored. 1 new house was constructed in Tsabadze street. Underground com¬munications and drainage system were entirely replaced within the framework of rehabilitation works. Modern, combined lightning systems were installed on the buildings, located along the street. The underground passage, located in Tsabadze street has been also reconstructed. Tsabadze street section was completely modified, the pedestrian sidewalks  has been finshed.
Implementation date of the works:
Starting Date: 03 January 2012.   Finishing Date: 31 December 2013