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LTD “IN-SI” production construction works with domestic and international norms with safety measures in full compliance. The company has the greatest experience in the strategical object building. Implementing a complete design. Architecture , constructional planning, design.

The Company’s Strategy Of Building Are Presenting

The withdrawal of the main water supply and sewage networks, counters montage or branches.Retail and filtration buildings build. Building internal networks , sewerage water supply, heating , communication, internet , weak currents, domestic electricity, sondition-ventilation. Outside of building facades and interior set up-revtment.Rehabilitation and reconstruction works.Cultural heritage and under state protection monuments restoration. Cultural and leisure destination gardens and parks rehabilitation.Restoration and re-arrangement works, bas-reliefs. roadway, irrigation systems, drainage systems, fountains, skateboards playgrounds, sports grounds. Sport and fitness complex, open”hardy” type soil, indoor tennis courts. Small architectural forms: benches , bins , street lumen , engravel items, etc.

The Company Has Produced Various Types Of Jobs

Particulary: road works , basalt kerbs, pedestrian paths, basalt, granite and traveltin’s works. specific inclination works: petrol stations, petrol station’s underground tanks installation and start. Transportation Services: different tonnage dump-truck servces. Different type and capacity crane , excavators, diesel-generator, cutter and asphalt-placing machine tools, small size dump-truck, auto-crane, bobcat. Tunnels, residental and non-residental prescript buildings build. Construction of the TV studio – Procurement and installation of metal-plastic doors and windows . Horse-purpose square , the competition grounds , construction of platforms. The demolition work of multistory buildings in the densely populated district. Also: engraved metal products, gates , balconies, lattice, small architectural forms, plating of cupola , aged copper , top of cupola and ornaments arrangement , plating of sculptures, artistic-coloured glazed, cupola’s arrangement by weather-beatenmeticulous glass. Underground communication pre-cast ferro-concrete wells and frame-covers made of difference length.

LTD “IN-SI” follows step by step of a new , innovative challenges, which appeal to use of modern construction technology. Fully complies with the requirements of modern construction. Also carries a variety of investments , paticulary in the medical field, participating in state programs , such as the young student find jobs or training.